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Hall of Fame

We want to celebrate every person that has overcome physical challenges and moved on to enjoy life.  Here are a few stories to encourage and motivate. 

                                                                 "Believe you can and you are half way there"

                                                                                                                           Theodore Roosevelt



Dylan is an amazing young man that always has a smile on his face.  Even with both lower and upper extremity involvement, he can be found cheering for others with his cheer squad, bowling, swimming, or playing a long list of other sports. 



James suffered an above knee amputation after a motor vehicle accident.  He refuses to let this challenge stop him.  In this picture, you can see some of his first steps toward getting back to work and an active life.  He hopes to tell his story to motivate others to overcome physical challenges.



Ethan is a young man that doesn't let anything slow him down.  He has always been a "let me do it" kind of guy.  He is truly an example for others to follow.

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